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MBC Scholarship

A scholarship makes it easy for the student to study. It is not that scholarships are not available in our country, just that students do not know how to apply. One such scholarship is the “MBC Scholarship”. Any student, whether enrolled in a government, private, or other institution, is eligible to apply for this scholarship.This scholarship is being given by an organisation called Lexep. And to get this scholarship, it is mandatory to have my savings card. Up to 75,000 in help can be availed from the MBC Scholarship at various education levels. In this, scholarships are available for students of class 1 to 10, 11 and 12, degree and diploma, post-graduation and PhD, any kind of coaching, competition exam, entrance exam, etc. This is the first time that a private organisation is helping all the needy students of the country to study, wherever they are studying.The goal of Lexep is that no student’s studies should remain incomplete because of lack money. Along with it, the institution also helps in getting scholarships from other government, private, and nonprofit organizations, through which you can get a good scholarship. At the same time, the institution is also taking responsibility for the education of needy students, so that every student in the country can study and the literacy rate of India can boost to 100%.
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