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The vast majority of Indians belong to the middle class. It’s hard for people to afford things. To make this easier for people, we are acting as a mediator between customers and subsidy providers. We make every effort to provide the best possible benefits to the people.There are lots of subsidy schemes that do not reach the needy. So, through our resources, we are helping people be able to get the benefits of these ongoing and upcoming schemes. We are acting as helpers for customers so that they can enjoy some services with our help.

We file the application form for people seeking subsidies. To get the subsidy, some documents are required to verify that needy people are receiving it. Many times, people try to game the system by submitting false documents, and sometimes people are deprived of subsidy benefits due to a lack of certain documents. So we also help people complete the remaining and pending documents. Such documents are required for verification purposes in order for such benefits to be distributed to those in need. Then help them with the verification of their documents. With this, we help people with the subsidy account opening process, and then we look after the approval of their subsidies.

Please note that we are not the subsidy providers. We are just helping people get subsidies.

Steps of subsidy approval:
1. Fill application form.
2. Get the pending documents done, if any.
3. Verification of documents. 
4. Subsidy Account opening.
5. Help in approval.



You have to fill and submit the following forms & documents in order to be eligible for subsidy.

1. Subsidy Application Form 

You need to enclose photocopies below documents with application form:
1. Aadhar Card (both side).
2. PAN Card.
3. My Bachat Card.
4. Electricity Bill.
5. Ration Card.
6. Bank Passbook.
7. Vehicle Bill.
8. Warranty Card, if any.
9. Income Certificate.
10. Passport size photo. 

2. Self Attested Declaration

2. स्वप्रमाणित घोषणा पत्र

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